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It was only a short time ago that herbal medicine was the healthcare system – and as the herbal movement comes full circle we support the herbal farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, and healers through bioregional ecological appreciation of our botanical wealth of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.

Thru the doorway is an eclectic experience of sensual opportunity to stimulate those who are adventurous enough to take the journey…

Paris Apothecary, Paris VA

We believe in NOT selling products that are made with palm oil because of the industry's destruction of primary forests in tropical countries.

We support the forest farming of woodland botanicals as a sustainable way to support local farms and take pressure off wild harvested at-risk botanicals.

We aim to educate the community because we believe you care for what you know and understand.

Ethical, sustainable, local, authentic, artistic, & transparent –
This is what you will find in the herbal products sold at the Paris Apothecary.


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